Getting Started

If you are new to the Dimensions Google BigQuery datasets environment, here is a list of steps necessary to get started.

[1] Request Access

Access to Dimensions BigQuery datasets is not automatically provided and needs to be requested by raising a support ticket to Access is available to clients who have purchased the Dimensions BigQuery subscription as part of their license. Existing Dimensions API users do not have access by default to the Dimensions BigQuery datasets. In the support ticket requesting Dimensions BigQuery access, please provide the following:

  • Includes specific mention of Google BigQuery Access

  • Your organisations name.

  • The persons name, email address and position who requires access.

The step below to create/choose a Google Account can be undertaken while awaiting the support tickets resolution.

[2] Create/Choose a Google Account

A Google Account is required to access BigQuery and the Dimensions datasets on BigQuery, this is different and distinct from both the credentials used to access Dimensions, and different again to the credentials used for DSL API access. Individual users who require access to the Dimensions BigQuery data sets are assigned access to a specific Google Account which they can nominate. An individuals’ Google Account is provided access to the Dimensions BigQuery datasets rather than an entire organisation.

If your institution uses G Suite or G Suite for Education for email and/or collaboration you then have the option of reusing this existing account for accessing BigQuery. Otherwise it is necessary to use either an existing Google account or creating a new Google account.


You don’t need a Gmail account to create a Google Account, you can use your non-Gmail email address to create one instead. During the account creation process just click ‘Use my current email address instead’ and enter the email address you wish to associate with your new Google Account.

[3] User Invitation

After requesting access through a support ticket you will be provided a link that allows you to nominate the Google Account (as detailed above) that you wish to utilise for accessing the Dimensions BigQuery datasets. Following the steps outlined alongside the provided link will complete the signup process.

Once you have associated your Google Account and successfully confirmed these details, your nominated account will be provided with read access onto the BigQuery datasets. Read access is immediately provisioned and is provided through the Google Project dimensions-ai (a link to the project/datasets are provided at the end of the user signup process).


For users who have completed the above steps, the Dimensions BigQuery data set can be found here:

The next documentation section provides detailed information to get you started executing queries in the Google Cloud Platform.


The Dimensions Google BigQuery data set is subscription-only, so your Dimensions account needs to be licensed for this service. Please send an email to if you have any questions.