Data Model

The pages in this section provide detailed information about the data sources and fields supported by the DSL (version cris-2.0.0).

In particular, the Cross Source Links page provides details about how ID fields can be used to retrieve related source entities.

cross source links - data model

Getting documentation programmatically

The DSL exposes programmatically metadata, such as supported sources and entities, along with their fields, facets, fieldsets, metrics and search fields.

This is available via the describe command. This can be used in the following ways:

  • describe - returns list of all sources and entities

  • describe version - returns information about the DSL version and release

  • describe source <source_name> - returns information about fields, fieldsets, metrics and search_fields of a source

  • describe entity <entity_name> - returns information about fields and fieldsets of an entity

  • describe schema - returns information about all sources and all entities at once

For example, the following query will retrieve metadata about all the fields relevant to the publications source.

describe source publications