Release notes

Version 1.16.0 — 2019, April, Week of 22nd

  1. New field date_inserted in policy_documents
  2. New field funding_currency and funding_nzd in grants
  3. Deprecated ability to facet on field recent_citations in publications
  4. Deprecated ability to facet on field obsolete in researchers
  5. Deprecated ability to facet on field researcher_org_state_names in publications
  6. Deprecated ability to filter on JSON fields, including author_affiliations in publications and researcher_details in grants

Version 1.15.0 — 2019, March, Week of 25th

  1. New source: researchers
  2. Describe - metadata interface
  3. New function extract_terms() in DSL Functions
  4. New field and search field terms in publications
  5. Enhanced support for full-text queries, including support for wildcard and proximity search. See for "search term"

Version 1.14.1 — 2019, March, Week of 4th

  1. Fixed search for complicated boolean phrases
  2. Fixed equals or equals or greater than filter for field date in publications
  3. Field status in patents is deprecated in favor of legal_status
  4. Field filed_date in patents is deprecated in favor of date
  5. Field resulting_publication_ids in grants is now deprecated. See Cross Source Links for more information

Version 1.14.0 — 2019, February, Week of 11th

  1. publications have new fields: referenced_pubs, terms
  2. grants have new fields: researcher_details, terms
  3. Field open_access in publications is deprecated in favor of open_access_categories. It will be renamed back to open_access at some point in the future.

Version 1.13.0 — 2019, January, Week of 28th

  1. Escaping special characters in full text query; for "search term"
  2. publications have new fields: open_access_categories
  3. clinical_trials now support researchers search and emptiness filters
  4. grants source now supports researcher search
  5. Indicators
  6. New function: classify for classification of abstracts: DSL Functions
  7. clinical_trials has new field: date_inserted

Version 1.12.0 — 2019, January, Week of 14th

  1. patents now support emptiness filters
  2. publications have new fields: linkout, publisher
  3. DSL Functions
  4. mesh_terms in publications now supports case insensitive filtering
  5. Escaping special characters in full text query; for "search term". This syntax becomes mandatory as of next release

Version 1.11.0 — 2018, December, Week of 10th

  1. Ability to sort by relevance
  2. patents have a new field: date_inserted
  3. search publications in authors is now deprecated in favour of search publications in researchers

Version 1.10.0 — 2018, November, Week of 12th

  1. patents have a new field: FOR_first
  2. patents and grants sources now supports title_only search
  3. publications have a new field: proceedings_title

Version 1.9.0 — 2018, October, Week of 1st

  1. grants and policy documents now support emptiness filters
  2. Sorting now accepts asc or desc to alternate the sorting order
  3. New field date_inserted in grants, which indicates a date when publication has been inserted into Dimensions records

Version 1.8.0 — 2018, September, Week of 17th

  1. New field date_inserted in publications, which indicates a date when publication has been inserted into Dimensions records
  2. New source policy_documents
  3. Disabled filtering support for field researchers.orcid_id. Instead publications can be searched using search publications for "<orcid>"
  4. Disabled faceting support for field research_org_country_names in publications
  5. Expanded open_access values for publications content.

Version 1.7.0 — 2018, August, Week of 20th

  1. Support for title_only search in clinical_trials
  2. Support for count(researchers) in publications source
  3. Removed deprecated field funding_amount from grants source. Use funding_usd instead
  4. New fields:
  1. In patents: publication_ids
  2. In publications: recent_citations, field_citation_ratio, mesh_terms

Version 1.6.0 — 2018, July, Week of 30th

  1. Increased limit of returned facets to 1000. Disabled skip support for faceting results and introduced limit to skip for documents of 50000.
  2. New fields:
  1. In publications: journal_lists
  2. In grants: resulting_publication_ids
  3. In clinical_trials: publication_ids

Version 1.5.0 — 2018 Jun, Week of 25th

  1. Organization name is now case insensitive. where ~ "michigan" will produce same results as when searching for uppercase “Michigan”
  2. Searching patents and returning all fieldset could fail previously, due to internal error. This is now fixed
  3. ORCID ID is now returned for publication researchers field, if the ID is available
  4. Field author_names is removed from publications source. Use author_affiliations field instead

Version 1.4.0 — 2018 Jun, Week of 11th

  1. Support for authors search field for publications, see section in [full_data|title_abstract_only|title_only|researchers|terms|...]. Field author_names is now deprecated and will be removed in the next release
  2. Initial support for interlinking between entities using IDs
  3. New fields for clinical trials: funders, funder_countries, funder_groups
  4. Enhanced open_access field for publications, see the description of the fields
  5. Added funding in different currencies to grants. Field funding_amount is now deprecated in favour of funding_usd
  6. Possibility to search for phrases, not just keywords and to combine them using boolean operators. See updated section for "search term"
  7. Added support for Filter functions on some fields, specifically:
  1. count(research_orgs) in publications
  2. count(research_org_countries) in publications

Version 1.3.0 — 2018 May, Week of 7th

  1. Return _stats with paging information in the results
  2. Consolidated publication_date and date fields for publications into just date. For grants, start_date and date have been consolidated into start_date
  3. Support for <field> is empty and <field> is not empty filters (see Emptiness filters). Currently supported by publications only.

Version 1.2.2 — 2018-04-09

  1. Internal optimizations and bug fixes

Version 1.1.1 — 2018-03-21

  1. Added fields for publications FOR_first, RCDC, HRCS_RAC, HRCS_HC

Version 1.0.0 — 2018-03-01

  1. First public release
  2. Added support for search <source> [in full_data|text_abstract_only] [for …]