Release Notes and Deprecations

Versions History

This page contains version history information for the version 2 of the Dimensions Analytics API.


Older release notes are available on the legacy API Version 1 documentation.

Version 2.10.0 — 2024, April, Week of 29th

  1. New operator Lucene field searches with @

  2. Updated classification system SDG in the classify() function call.

  3. New field research_org_types in Publications and Grants

Version 2.9.1 — 2024, February, Week of 12th

  1. Fixed issue regarding returning 408 after a short period of time.

  2. Researchers are now by default filtered for obsolete researchers.

  3. Updated version of concepts, RCDC and UoA fields.

  4. Publications are now by default sorted by relevance, instead of date.

Version 2.9.0 — 2024, January, Week of 29th

  1. New field document_type in Publications.

  2. New return functions prettify which provides semicolon separated string for multi value fields.

  3. New field active_status in Grants.

Version 2.8.0 — 2023, September, Week of 25th

  1. Function Searching using abstracts now supported for Grants sources as well.

  2. New search index concepts in the Reports core.

  3. New field kind in Patents core.

  4. New field journal_lists in Source Titles core.

  5. Field category_for_2008 removed from all relevant sources.

  6. Documentation about hyperauthorship truncation of results has been updated, see Dealing with hyper-authorship.

  7. Documentation about which sources support multi-index search has been updated, see Searching in multiple search indexes in a single query.

Version 2.7.0 — 2023, May, Week of 22nd

  1. New search field assignees in Patents.

  2. New fields application_number, family_count and filing_date in Patents.

  3. New search field raw_affiliations in Grants.

  4. New search field raw_affiliations in Clinical Trials.

  5. Field publisher in Source Titles is deprecated, see Deprecations History.

Version 2.6.0 — 2023, February, Week of 13th

  1. New sources Funder Groups and Research Org Groups.

  2. New fields orange_book, federal_support and claims_amount in Patents.

  3. New field country_code in Organizations.

  4. New fields start_date and end_date in Clinical Trials. Field date is now deprecated in favor of start_date.

  5. Field project_number in Grants enabled for filtering.

  6. New documentation section Technical Limits.

Version 2.5.0 — 2022, December, Week of 12th

  1. Sorting by title in all sources is discouraged, as it may not function properly in some cases. It will be completely disallowed in the future.

  2. New field project_numbers in Grants.

Version 2.4.0 — 2022, November, Week of 7th

  1. New field funding_section in Publications.

  2. Field category_for now points to category_for_2020 in all relevant content sources.

  3. New feature Searching using abstracts is available for Publications.

  4. New fields funding_schemes, keywords for Grants.

Version 2.3.0 — 2022, October, Week of 3rd

  1. Field current_organization_id of the authors field in Publications is now deprecated. Please use the current_research_org field in the Researchers source.

  2. New fields category_for_2008 and category_for_2020 in all relevant content sources. category_for field remains an alias for the category_for_2008 in this release. In the next release, approximately 4 weeks from this release, category_for field will point to the category_for_2020 field.

Version 2.2.0 — 2022, August, Week of 1st

  1. Field funding_org_acronym in Grants renamed to funder_org_acronym.

  2. Field funding_org_city in Grants renamed to funder_org_cities.

  3. Field funding_org_state in Grants renamed to funder_org_states.

  4. Field funding_org_counties in Grants renamed to funder_org_countries.

  5. Field funding_org_name in Grants renamed to funder_org_name.

  6. Field funders in Grants renamed to funder_orgs.

Version 2.1.0 — 2022, April, Week of 11th

  1. Deprecated field cited_by_ids in Patents. Use referece_ids to obtain citing patents instead.

  2. Deprecated field repository_id in Datasets, use repository auxiliary entity and the associated field in Datasets.

  3. New field funding_cny in Grants.

  4. New field isbn in Publications.

  5. Total number of records returned when using Unnesting multi-value entity fields is capped at 10000 records, as a performance and stability improvement.

Version 2.0.0 — 2021, October, Week of 18th

This release brings about many improvements to the overall stability and performance of the API, but most importantly, it removes all previously deprecated fields. By doing so, it gives us a more solid platform on which to continue innovating by adding new features to the API and the Dimensions Search Language. See also the how to upgrade from V1 to V2 page.

New features:

  1. The return <source> syntax is now optional (see the search source page)

  2. New search field acknowledgements in publications

  3. Triple quotes syntax for full-text search

Deprecations History

This section lists API V2 fields and search fields that have been deprecated and should not be used (for older deprecations, see also the legacy V1 API deprecations page).


This fields will be supported in versions 2.10.x and removed in the next major release. To ensure full compatibility with the upcoming major release, it is recommend to stop using deprecated fields as soon as possible.

Deprecated Fields



Deprecation Note



Deprecated in favor of: funder_org_countries



Deprecated in favor of: funder_orgs



Deprecated in favor of: funder_org_acronym



Deprecated in favor of: funder_org_cities



Deprecated in favor of: funder_org_cities



Deprecated in favor of: funder_org_name



Deprecated in favor of: funder_org_states



Deprecated in favor of: project_numbers



Use reference_ids field to filter patents citing this patent (see also: Patents Links section).

Clinical Trials


Deprecated in favor of: start_date



Deprecated in favor of: repository

Source Titles


The relevant field in the Publications source should be used instead. This is because one source title can have multiple publishers e.g. as a result of journals ownership changes.

Partially Deprecated Fields

On the following fields only certain features are deprecated (e.g. filtering or faceting).

Deprecated Search Indexes

Deprecated Functions